Charles (against_it_all) wrote in cute_fuglies,

[sorry susie!=-)]

hi fuglies. it's me your moderator. you guys need to advertise us more. dont you want more fuglies?!?!?! :)

well i am here to give you guys the best examples of the word "FUGLINESS."

our mod #1, against_it_all will be the example for you guys along with some friends of ours.

that is joannster, our good friend. :)

and thats our.. uh... sadly.. friend.. justin cho and catalina hong. poor cat. :(

our moderator used to be a VERY innocent kid, with esther yang, just like this.

but look what happens later..

damn those corrupted kids.

and that's the hottest picture of myself. :):):) HAHRAEHEHRPAEr

alright fuglies, hope you've enjoyed the taste of fugliness. go bring more people! GO!
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