g o d (sex_scars) wrote in cute_fuglies,
g o d

oh no here we go on with the show my name is not joe but i can rhyme like a hoe

why hello. hm... read the rules and here is my

woot party in the hood with your pants on!
this might possibly be the coolest hat ever, aside from the indiana jones hat X-D

where am it?

ooh yeah! the dark covers my non prettyness and makes you think im sexy. im the master of illusion

trying to have model hair... failing miserably

i can beat up your dad!!!

i like krispy kreme

im to lazy to rotate it, but if you maybe tilt your head to the right just a bit....

just in case the other ones werent fugly enough... BAM i slap you with a big case of the fug-fug

its my toe...

perhaps this was too much of not my face... i dont know... tell me and i'll upload somemore

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