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Name:Laiwa Wu
Location:Kansas City now, but Northampton in the fall :)
Ethnicity:All Chinese :)
Hobbies/Interest/Music:ah mei, al green, any by dalai lama, beatles-letit be, bob marley, bowling for col, bruce springsteen, cinema paradiso, clockwork for orange, coldplay, cream, eagles, eric clapton, fav books- the alchemist, fiona apple, fireworks (japanese)., fleetwood mac, grateful dead***, guster, jack johnson, james taylor, jay chow. ben folds, jill scott, lower elm, neil young, o.a.r., peter tosh, phish, pink floyd, radiohead, rem, rufus wainwright, sarah mclachlan, showers (japanese), siddhartha, sinead oconnor- early days, smith college, something's gotta give, spirited away, the doors, the roots, toots and the maytals, tori amos-scarlet's walk, u2, upper elm, ween
Sorry some of the pics are a blur.. these are the only digital pics Ive got..Collapse )